Flexible Hoses
A Pioneering Bellows Manufacturer

The combined efforts of all NFK employees result in products that bring together creativity,
reliability and technology in a way that respects the needs of users, dealers and manufacturers.



NFK is a pioneering manufacturer of flexible hoses and bellows meeting a wide range of needs. We manufacture everything from household products to installations for plants, factories and industry. All our production processes are done completely in-house. This strength gives us the flexibility to meet demanding delivery dates and produce customized designs.

Flexible Hose

Flexible Hose

Our flexible hoses have outstanding flexibility of motion and resistance to heat, pressure and earthquakes. They support a wide range of gas and liquid transport lines for transporting substances such as air, steam, gases, water, oils and chemicals.

Product Line
Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints

Our expansion joints are used to compensate for expansion and contraction caused by line temperature differences, and to handle conditions such as line center misalignment, vibrations, foundation subsidence and earthquakes.

Product Line


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