NFK manufactures flexible hoses and expansion joints. Our aim is to be an indispensable provider of specialized pipe equipment, manufacturing products designed to ensure safety and enrich the lives of users. To attain this aim, we focus on three priorities:

  1. Reducing complaints through technology improvements
  2. Developing the products the market demands
  3. Making ongoing improvements in quality, delivery time and cost

To attain the concrete aims of our policy, we set quality targets for all related departments, assess progress and evaluate compliance rates. We comply with client demands, relevant laws and regulations, and the demands we have set for ourselves.
We also make ongoing improvements to our quality management system. These efforts are designed to help us achieve higher levels of client satisfaction as we continue to aid the growth and development of the world.

Masaki Yokomakura, President & Representative Director
Nangoku Flexible Hose Industry Co., Ltd.
September 1, 2016