Can you provide pressure resistance and bend durability calculations?

Yes. Calculations for flexible hoses are done using formulas specified in guidelines released by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan.

Can you provide written inspection results?

Yes. Request them when placing your order.

Can you provide a mill test report?

Yes. Request the report when placing your order. Additional time may be needed for mill test reports for some products.

Can you provide same-day order shipment?

The delivery time of each order will depend on the product dimensions (bore diameter × length), joints, materials and quantity. Use the general inquiry form to inquire for details.

We need to file a special application. Can you handle that?

Yes. We have flexible hoses complying with the Fire Service Act, tested high-pressure gas products, and products tested in compliance with the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai and Japan Water Works Association.
If you require a product certification, use the inquiry form to send an inquiry.