1. When an inquiry is done in our site from a visitor to us, “the name has you tell it about the personal information of e-mail addresses”. In addition, I collect the personal information after having informed the purpose, use content beforehand when I collect information from a visitor other than the purpose of the inquiry as far as it is appropriate.
  2. When I perform the answer about the inquiry, I use the personal information that had you provide it in us. In addition, when I use it other than it, I inform a use purpose definitely and use it within the purpose appropriately.
  3. The personal information that had you inform it from a visitor in us does not disclose personal information to a third party without the permission of the person except the following cases.
    • ・When I consign duties to the subcontractor in offering an answer and the service of the inquiry. (thorough not to let you use management and the use purpose outside of severe personal information for this case, subcontractor of the trust.)
    • ・When I receive a case and request with the legal compelling force to receive the application of the law.
  4. I access it about personal information illegally in us and take the appropriate protection measures so that there are not loss, a leak and keep it safely.
  5. We observe laws and ordinances or other guidelines in conjunction with the personal information protection.
  6. When I receive requests such as a correction, a change, the deletion than you about the personal information that we manage, I give a necessary response as far as it is rational.