Expansion Joints

Our bellows expansion joints are used in gas and liquid transport system lines used by steelmaking, chemical and industrial plants to transport substances such as air, water, gases, steam, oil and exhaust gases. They can compensate for expansion and contraction caused by temperature differences in air-conditioning/sanitation lines in buildings and other structures. They also handle conditions such as line center misalignment, vibrations, foundation subsidence and earthquakes.


Recommended installation instructions

  • Do not drop or strike carton.
  • Inspect for damage during shipment, i.e., Dents, broken hardware, water marks on carton, etc.
  • Store in clean dry area where it will not be exposed to heavy traffic or damaging environments.
  • Do not remove shipping bars until installation is complete.
  • Do not remove any moisture-absorbing desiccant bags or protective coatings until ready for installation.
  • Do not use hanger lugs as lifting lugs without approval of the manufacturer.
  • Do not use chains or any lifting device directly on the bellows or bellows cover.
  • Do not allow weld splatter to hit unprotected bellows. Protect with wet chloride-free insulation.
  • Do not use cleaning agents that contain chlorides.
  • Do not use steel wool or wire brushes on bellows.
  • Do not force-rotate one end of an expansion joint for alignment of bolt holes. Ordinary bellows are not capable of absorbing torque.
  • Do not hydrostatic pressure test or evacuate the system before installation of all guides and anchors.
  • Do not exceed a pressure test of 1 1/2 times the rated working pressure of the expansion joint.
  • Do not use shipping bars to retain thrust if tested prior to installation.

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Expansion Joints

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