November 1971
Company is founded with capital of 3.5 million yen. Engages mainly in flexible tube and bellows installation work.
November 1973
Company is established as Nangoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 5 million yen.
March 1975
Capital is increased to 10 million yen.
May 1976
Capital is increased to 16 million yen.
April 1977
Company changes name to Nangoku Flexible Hose Industry Co., Ltd. to improve its image as a specialized manufacturer of flexible tubes and bellows.
December 1977
To cope with an increase in user demand, Plant No. 2 is created and a system for speedy delivery of all products is completed.
August 1978
Four wire braiding machines are installed.
January 1985
About 760 square meters of land is purchased for Plant No. 2.
March 1986
Flexible tube joint type certification is acquired in conformance with Notice No. 20 of the Office of Hazardous Materials Regulation.
April 1986
Development of vibration-proof joint (NK-6300) conforming to specifications of Ministry of Construction (now Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
June 1986
Two wire braiding machines are added.
August 1986
Development of expansion joint with weld-free structure (NK-7300).
September 1986
Flexible tube is approved by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.
Development of automatic argon welders (20 installed).
Development of flexible tube with weld-free joint (new product).
April 1987
Company is accredited as designated manufacturer of products designated by Osaka prefectural government’s construction bureau.
May 1989
New Plant No. 2 facility is constructed.
October 1991
Plant No. 3 opens.
April 1993
Plant No. 4 opens.
May 1993
Company joins Zenkoku Rasenkan Kogyo Kyokai (a Japanese association of threaded pipe manufacturers).
December 1993
Flexible tubes for pressurized water supply equipment are certified under Notice No. 199 of the Fire Prevention Division.
October 1994
Release of clean tubes.
March 1996
Plant No. 5 opens, and two bulge forming machines (12B max. and 5B) are installed.
January 1997
Release of NK-7800 (Super 10/20).
February 1997
Expansion bellows forming machine (2,000 mm diameter) is installed.
March 1997
Japan Water Works Association type approval is received for 20 to 50 A water supply equipment (flexible joints).
December 1997
Long pipe maker (8B max.) is installed.
February 1998
Quality Control Section is created.
December 1998
128-stroke wire braiding machine is installed. Pipe maker is installed for products of 0.2 to 0.5 mm thickness.
July 1999
Distribution Center opens.
March 2003
Tokyo Sales Office opens.
July 2003
Chubu Sales Office opens.
May 2006
Masaki Yokomakura is appointed President & Representative Director.
March 2008
Osaka Sales Office opens.
March 2008
Nakamachi Plant opens.
March 2010
Company becomes ISO 9001-certified.
April 2010
Plant No. 8 opens.
April 2011
Kitamachi Plant opens.
April 2011
Hydroforming machine is installed at Kitamachi Plant.
June 2012
Release of fire safety-rated PG2 and PG3 flexible hoses.
July 2012
Kyushu Sales Office opens.
July 2012
Large pipe maker is installed at Kitamachi Plant.
April 2013
Headquarters warehouse opens.
August 2013
Plant No. 4 is incorporated into Kitamachi Plant and Plant No. 8.
October 2013
PTFE tube expander is installed at Plant No. 8.
December 2013
Release of fire safety-rated CT-2 flexible hose.
February 2014
Plant No. 3 is incorporated into Kitamachi Plant.
May 2014
Bulge forming machine (14B max.) is added at Kitamachi Plant.
July 2014
Tohoku Sales Office opens.