Emergency diesel engine fuel multi-flexible hose


Absorb the vibration and pulsation of diesel engine.


Applicable fluid: Fuel
Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum temperature: 180℃
Nominal diameter: 15〜50A(Flange type) φ6〜12(Flareless joint type)
Standard: JIS, ANSI, JPI


Face ring Stainless steel
Collar Stainless steel
Flange Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
Flexible Tube Stainless steel
Inner Tube Fluororesin
Heat resistant Braid Glass fiber
Withstand voltage Braid Stainless steel
Gasket V/# GF300
Display board A1100P


①Bite fitting Stainless steel
②Sleeve Stainless steel
③Ring Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
④Inner Tube Fluororesin
⑤Flexible Tube Stainless steel
⑥Heat resistant Braid Glass fiber
⑦Withstand voltage Braid Stainless steel
⑧Display board A1100P

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Nominal diameter Axial displacement(mm)
4.5 7.5 12.0 15.0
Total length of flexible hose
10~15A 300 500 800 1000