KF flange type of vacuum


Adjustment of piping, Lateral deflection, Vibration absorption, Angular rotation
*Do not torque the hose.


This product is both ends of KF flange.
Applicable tube: CLT(Ultra Soft)
Nominal DIA: KF10~KF50
Length: 100mm~3M
*Please contact us about the length.
Applicable fluid: Gas, Air
*Limited to fluid that not use corrode stainless steel.
Operating temperature: -15~150℃
Operating Pressure FV~0.1MPa
*Allowable leak rate less than 1.33×10-10Pa ㎥/Sec.


Flange Stainless Steel
Tube Stainless Steel

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Flange size tube ID tube OD Thickness Flange OD Flange length
KF10 12.5 16.5 0.15 30 20
KF16 21.5 28.5 0.2 30 20
KF25 26.5 36.5 0.2 40 20
KF40 41.5 54 0.25 55 20
KF50 50.5 65 0.25 75 20
Standard specification
Working pressure(inside) Working pressure (outside) Bellows Material Hardware Material Helium gas leak test
vacuum Atmospheric pressure SUS304,316L SUS304,316L 1×10-9Torr-ℓ/sec以下