Attaching Flexible Hoses

use elbox fitting at the benging place and install the hose with straight.

Excessive bending gives damage to the hose.

Maintain allowable bending radius with using pipe for small bending.

Excessive U os S shapes installation cause shortening fatigue life of the hose.

Use elbow fitting to keep U shape installation.

Please pay attention to the points bended continuously.

use rotating trolley to avoid unsuitable bending.

It is dangerous if the hose is twisted by continuous horizontal motion.

Use a semi-round pulley to maintain allowable bengingradius.

Excessive bending breaks up the hose.

Fold the hose with maintaining allowable bending radius to avoid giving stress to the hose.

Do not pull one end of folded hose to avoid exceeding allowable bending rasius.

Use rotary joints to avoid toursion of the hose.

Hose is twisted when it is given a rotary motion to around end fittings.

Install the hose with keeping parallel to the motion.

Different motion from original installation cause torsion of the hose.